Achieve accelerated clarity, confidence, and competence through Executive Coaching.

Every now and then you just need someone else to put a perspective shift on how you are looking at things. And while you might be able to get yourself moving toward your most important work, doing it alone is going to take a lot longer than it needs to.

Coaching is a Partnership!

Executive Coaching is understanding core motivations, behaviors and leading through influence to increase your impact on business. As your coach, I come alongside you to help bring focus and clarity to your goals and help create a path to help you achieve them.

Women tend to have self-limiting thoughts that keep them from reaching their full potential. My passion is to help empower female executives to unleash their leadership potential, improve decision-making and reach their desired goals through an innovative coaching partnership to increase growth, satisfaction, success, and resiliency.

I work with professional woman that:

Want to Invest in their development.

Are climbing the corporate ladder.

Have broken through the ‘glass ceiling’.

Want to be successful and satisfied.

Want to learn how to speak up in any situation with poise and presence; be seen, heard, and sought out in meetings, interviews, and negotiations.

Want to effortlessly articulate their value, feel confident, be compelling, powerful, and able to assess the opportunities they want and deserve.

Are motivated to reach the level of self-awareness that allows them to learn how to best lead themselves to best lead others.


LEADERSHIP – Develop as a leader and improve the ability to lead others.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – Increased awareness about all the elements involved to become an effective communicator.

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – Improve capacity to manage emotions and build good interpersonal relationships.

STAKEHOLDER MANAGEMENT – Learn to actively manage key internal stakeholders and increase visibility towards them.

INFLUENCING AND NEGOTIATION – Sharpen skills to become more impactful.

PERSONAL EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS – Develop aptitude in time and priority management to handle business complexity.

LIFE BALANCE – Restore and maintain a balanced life.


Phase 1 - Share Your Story

(Discover insights of your story)

Telling stories is one of the most powerful means that leaders have to influence, teach and inspire. Coaching allows you to be heard by a professional that will attend YOUR story. I will help you focus on what you are saying consciously and explore the meaning of what also might be going on unconsciously.

Phase 2 - Design your next Chapter

(Communicate your vision)

Having told your story, we will find it easier to focus on your coaching goals and can begin to explore what mindset and desire you have for redesigning your story. What would you like your next step or future to be? What would you like to happen and what does the gap between what you are doing now and your vision look like?

Phase 3 - Develop on the story Transition

(Work on the new narrative)

Coaching allows you the space and time to reflect, learn, practice and work with resources that will support your plan for change in your story. Coaching sessions will help you unleash your potential, remove interference, adapt and thrive in the story outcomes you decide to work on.

Phase 4 - Transform into a new Chapter

(Use your learning for new chapters of growth)

Coaching will provide you with new capabilities and is a learning opportunity to move forward to a chapter that you have created through the clarity of your own thinking. As a coach I partner with you to develop and find the resourcefulness to transform and build on your story.