The Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge

One of our key services, the Living As A Leader® Leadership Development Series, is a comprehensive, steady progress-over-time approach that equips leaders with depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. Participants include supervisors, managers, and other key leaders. In addition to offering this Series in-house, it is available as a Public Series option. This provides you the opportunity to send one or a few leaders at a time, launching each spring and each fall.

The Series consists of two critical elements for supporting the growth and development of leaders—skill- building workshops and coaching sessions with a leadership coach. Coaches help to ensure application of newly gained knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Leaders who successfully complete the Series will be workplace-ready—intentional and confident with the choices they make, instinctively knowing what to say and what to do.

Additional Details:

Participating leaders will attend a half-day workshop each month, along with a one-on-one coaching session each month. These activities are supported by lifetime access to the Living As A Leader® mobile app and eLearning courses. When participating in the Public Leadership Development Series, they learn to become intentional and hone the skills necessary for achieving consistency in their leadership.

  • Skill-building workshops combined with coaching, a unique approach that maximizes both education and application.
  • An up-front feedback opportunity, involving the participant and his or her boss. This helps us prepare a personal development plan for each participant.
  • The opportunity for participants to work with their own leadership coach.
  • Access to eLearning courses and the Living As A Leader Mobile App for added reinforcements along the way.

Participants have told Living As A Leader® that this is their favorite part of the Series! After deciding which tools acquired in their skill-building workshops will work best for them in certain situations, your leaders practice using these tools, day in and day out.

Coaches work with your leaders individually as part of our Public Series. This one-on-one support gives them valuable opportunities to personalize their development, apply critical skills and address specific leadership challenges. Leaders participate in a one-hour coaching session on a monthly basis.

The participants’ leaders will also be engaged during the Series. Leaders are asked to be familiar with the core leadership topics and skills provided during the skill-building workshops.

The leaders of participants will actively participate in a coaching conversation (after the second workshop) to identify the participant’s strengths and weaknesses as a leader. We recommend that the participant’s leader touch base with him or her after each workshop to ask: 

  • How did the leadership workshop and coaching go?
  • What did you find most helpful, interesting, and useful?
  • What specific skills and tools are you applying so far?
Living As A Leader® has been told over and over that its process is different! Why? It isn’t just about training. Living As A Leader’s® process includes a thorough commitment to success! While the Leadership Development Series focus is certainly on training and coaching, a number of success assurance tools and
activities have been built into this comprehensive approach for you to consider:
  • Involvement of the participant’s leader
  • Follow-up reinforcement activities
  • Reinforcement tools:
    • Participant Tip Cards
    • Leaders of Leaders Tip Card
    • Leadership Journal
  • Learning technology tools:
    • eLearning courses
    • Mobile app reinforcements

E-Learning & Mobile App

eLearning courses are available to all participants of the Public Leadership Development Series. They can be used as a refresher to complement facilitator-led training or as a convenient way to make up a missed workshop. The Living As A Leader® Mobile App provides leaders the opportunity to access the skills and tools they are learning in the workshops. Additionally, the mobile app is used to launch Weekly Tips and To Do’s.


Mobile App

The Living As A Leader® Mobile App is a quick and easy way to access workshop content anytime, anywhere.

Available content includes:

  • Key Models and Skills
  • Executive Summaries
  • At-A-Glance Tips Cards and More!

The mobile app can also be used to schedule weekly reinforcement Tips and To Do’s for ongoing real-time application and to access Living As A Leader® eLearning courses.

Available for Android and Apple devices.

eLearning Courses

eLearning courses are available to all participants of the Leadership Development Series. With eLearning courses for all 12 Living As A Leader® workshops, they can be used as a refresher to complement facilitator-led training, or as a convenient way to make up a missed workshop. Ranging from 30 to 60 minutes each, Living As A Leader’s® eLearning courses provide the following:

  • An abbreviated look at key leadership skills and tools from each workshop
  • Informative and engaging learning, with the use of a downloadable workbook, voiceover and interactive activities

Continued Access

Upon graduation of the Livings As A Leader Series, leaders can refresh and reinforce the skills they have learned in the workshops with lifetime access to the Living As A Leader Mobile App. eLearning courses can be purchased for continuous subscription.

What Living As a Leader's® Clients Say About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, there are three types of leaders you may consider for attendance in Living As A Leader’s® Public Leadership Development Series. One type to consider is someone already in a leadership role who you are grooming for more leadership responsibility. The second type may be a leader with a broad scope of responsibility and an opportunity to be more effective. Another potential consideration is the leader who is struggling overall in the role of leader of people.

We also believe that the Leadership Development Series is applicable to leaders at all levels, particularly those who have not previously participated in a comprehensive leadership development process. Most commonly, participants in this Series are individuals at supervisory and middle management levels of leadership.

We have many customers who enroll at least one leader in every Series that begins. It is an ongoing part of their organizational commitment to leadership development. We also have customers who enroll upwards of three to five leaders in every Series that we launch.

Within the Leadership Development Series, we involve the leader of each participant in the following

  • Prior to the Series start, the leader of each participant is encouraged to meet with the individual and share why the person was selected to attend, along with the expectations for participation.
  • During the Series, the participant’s leader will receive a one-page executive summary of each workshop following the session along with a set of questions to ask the participant relative to content, application and value.
  • Upon completion of the Series, the participant’s leader will be encouraged to meet with the individual to discuss progress, skills and development goals for the future.

One of the things that we encourage the leaders of participants to keep in mind is that it cannot be left to the preference of your leaders as to whether they do or do not commit to developing their skills as leaders of their people. As a participant in this Leadership Development Series, it is critically important that commitment to attendance, assignments and application be demonstrated.

Over the years, a frequently asked question at the end of the process is, “Now what?”. Most of Living As A Leader’s® participating leaders grow accustomed to the steady support of their facilitator, coach and peer group. We offer additional follow-up services and reinforcements for graduates of the Living As A Leader® Series such as one-on-one coaching packages, the Leadership Blog, YouTube videos and the Leadership Community Facebook group